Lottie Ryan teams up with Toyota Long Mile

Lottie Ryan has joined Toyota Long Mile as a Brand Ambassador for us here in Dublin 12, Ireland's Hybrid Experts. Lottie joins our Brand Ambassador team and turns our dream trio of Dean Rock, Kevin O’Brien and Andrew Porter into the Fantastic Four!

Toyota Long Mile is delighted to announce Lottie Ryan as our newest Brand Ambassador. The talented radio presenter, Ryan captured the hearts of the Irish public earlier this year with some dazzling performances on RTE as Lottie won the fourth season of the Irish edition of Dancing with the Stars in 2020.

Lottie Ryan said, “I could not be happier to be a brand ambassador for Toyota Long Mile because for me the partnership just could not be a better fit. My first car and my only car was a Toyota Yaris 2001 1.0, first generation, my dad bought it for me when I first passed my driving test. It was a little blue Yaris and I’ve been driving it for more than 15 years now and I could just never get rid of her cause she was the perfect car. I even had an emotional connection with that car, I don’t know how I’m going to say goodbye!”

She continued by describing how much she loves the All-New 4th Generation Yaris, “Driving the new 4th Generation Toyota Yaris is like being on a magic carpet! It is just the smoothest drive, I feel like I’m in a spaceship compared to the car I had. All the technology, how far things have come since my last car just blows my mind. Being able to take a phonecall with the bluetooth on Apple CarPlay safely and being able to see where I’m reversing with the camera on screen all make such a difference.”

Toyota Long Mile Managing Director, Alex Burns said, “We couldn’t have been happier when we found out Lottie was looking to upgrade her 2001 Yaris and it seemed like the perfect chance for us to team up with such a talented young woman. We all know Toyotas are renowned for their reliability and longevity but nearly two decades on from Lottie’s first car, we think she is much better suited to the All-New 4th Generation Yaris. We look forward to partnering with Lottie for many years as we watch her career go from strength to strength.”

Toyota Long Mile’s team of Brand Ambassadors are are driving the latest in the range of Toyota Hybrids, Lottie Ryan in the All New 4th Generation Toyota Yaris, Andrew Porter driving the Toyota C-HR Hybrid whilst Kevin O’Brien and Dean Rock drive Ireland’s best selling car in 2019, the Toyota Corolla Hybrid.


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